Esg Review Trine 2

Esg Review Trine 2

The magical world of Trine as created by Frozenbyte Software quickly grew a large fanbase.  With that popularity, the developer then created the magical graphics and action puzzles that comprise Trine 2.  The game was originally inspired by the classic game The Lost Vikings. However, Trine 2 has moved beyond the inspiration and developed an excellent fantasy game.

In Trine 2, the player will control a character named Zoya that uses a grappling hook. Players will quickly find that the puzzles they encounter will require some thought.  While the answers to the puzzles won’t be immediately apparent, they are definitely solvable with some wits and dexterity. The character, when travelling through the land, will be able to accumulate experience by picking up vials.  That experience can then be converted into abilities that will help the player to accomplish more advanced puzzles and tasks.  A nice feature that was added is that players can now reassign points to abilities.  This creates a more versatile gaming experience.

Zoya is just one of the three characters that is available to explore Trine 2.  Included in this sequel is multiplayer online.  This is a great addition to the game as it only had local cooperative mode previously.  An additional player to the game does make it a lot easier and players may find that the challenges are less challenging with an additional player involved.

Overall, the game is still an advanced platform game and there are sections beyond just puzzles where players will have an opportunity to show their skills in a 2d scrolling sense.  Gamers will enjoy the sense of nostalgia but also delight at the smooth flowing and intricate graphics of the game.

In conclusion, Trine 2 is the accumulation of years of talent and hard work that paid off.  The game is gorgeous in graphics and fun to play.  Players will find that the game offers a lot of fun-filled hours of gaming.